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Services Provided

Knutslien Automation provides Consultant Services within Electronic Circuit Design and Programming, mainly targeted at Embedded Systems and PC Application Programming. We try to be the external One-Stop-Shop for this with exception for the manufacturing steps.

Embedded Systems Circuit Design Any or all part of the circuit design from circuit interception to finished circuit boards with components and programs.
Schematic Capture Drawing the schematic diagrams for the circuits and generating the design documents for the components used and their interconnections (netlist) along with list of components (BOM) used and other documents.
PCB Layout The design of the Printed Circuit Board, based on netlist from the Schematic Capture programs. This includes component placements according to physical design constraints (where connectors and other components have to be placed to fit into the design) and PCB track design according to electrical property constraints.
Programming For Embedded designs we can provide application programs (firmware) written in C/C++ and Assembly. Also most modern systems incorporate some form of programmable logic which we support with programming in the VHDL language, and also may support programming in ABEL (or similar) for some simpler IC circuits.

PC Applications PC Programs Applications programs written in C and C++ to run on the Linux or Windows environments or both.

Knutslien Automasjon