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Welcome to Knutslien Automasjon

Knutslien Automation provides Consultant Services within Electronic Circuit Design and Programming. We mainly focus on Embedded systems but also supports Programming on PC's and similar systems. --The "Automasjon" part of the company name expresses its Norwegian heritage.

Knutslien Automasjon was established in 1988.
The main target is to provide Consultant Services within Electronics Design, Programming and Prototyping for Customer products. We have long experience in designing 8, 16 and 32 bit MC systems, DSP systems and PC Applications.
Custom Circuit Board designed 1986
Custom Circuit Board designed 1996, featuring two of the now obsolete Intel TN87C198 16 bit MicroControllers
This page is currently available only in English. A Norwegian translation is planned.

Knutslien Automasjon, Skårabrekka 6, N-5420 Rubbestadneset, Norway
Company Registration number: NO 943 148 511 MVA
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Knutslien Automasjon